hendrikboom ([personal profile] hendrikboom) wrote2009-08-07 11:00 pm

Melissa auf der Maur at Worldcon

Tonight I got to attend a film -- no, a concert -- no, that's not right either, a presentation of Melissa auf der Maur's new multimedia offering, OOOM, Out Of Our Minds. Not the whole thing, just pieces. I got to see the film, which was first presented at Sundance. During breaks in the film (it seems the Palais de Congress has a hard time playing a DVD or Blu-ray disk without equipment failures) she explained what it was like to collaborate with a film-maker. Then she performed a few of her songs. She had no band with her, so she sang, accompanying herself on bass guitar. She said she had never performed without a band before, but the result was overwhelming. I can imagine that the sound would be fuller. smoother, more rounded with a band, but I can only expect it would lose the single-minded intensity it gained from being a one-woman show.

More of this stuff will apparently be shown in performances on the coming months, and the entire multimedia package (including a comic book) will be released early next year.

I will be awaiting it. I hope some of her truly solo performances will be included, because I would be sorry not to hear them again.

-- hendrik

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